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Sobuj Potro will fuse the local way of life with a global vision.

The bungalows in Sobuj Potro will come with the ethnic look and feel, earth-layered on the outtside but inside each home will be well-appointed with designer fittings and fixtures. The style of Sobuj Potro will be international while the spirit of the place truly ethnic.
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Each of us creates waves around us that spread outwards like the ripples generated by dropping a stone in a quiet pond… Sesher Kobita, a romantic 4 cottah bungalow with a small water body in it, makes everyone remember to welcome the nature.


Welcome to our premium 6 cottah bungalow “Rudrabina”, an environmental place to live with your dream with a blend of garden and a pool. It is a promise of peace for all who wants to have a great deal of it in the near future.


Conservation is best brought about through creating a love for nature… Pushpanjali , a well planned and classically built bungalow with Flora and Landscape scenic view.


A twin 2 cottah bungalow within the reach for one and all, to experience living the nature’s way where fresh mornings will make way for sunny afternoons followed by romantic evenings and starry nights.


A well planned bungalow, surrounded by young green silent environment which will produce Golden Dreams throughout the life time to the members of Bolaka, the biggest 4 cottah bungalow.

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There is a team of people comprising of Civil Engineers, Supervisors, Marketing Personnel and Finance & Administrative people who are actively involved in the management of the group.

Chairman :
Vinod Thaker
Director :
Amitava Samanta
Architect and Interior designer :
Kunal Shah

Who Can Apply.

Any individuals whether an Indian citizen or a non resident Indian can apply. Applications on behalf of minors should be made by their legal or natural guardian. An application on behalf of a firm/company/HUF should be made by duly authorized person only. The application form should be accompanied by certificate of incorporation/registration/MOA/AOA/Board resolution with official seal.

This application is only a request of the applicant for allotment of the unit/s and does not create any right whatsoever or howsoever of the applicant. The applicant shall select property subject to availability at the time of submitting the duly completed application. The allotment will be done at the sole discretion of the developers.

The developer/company at its absolute discretion shall be entitled to reject the application without assigning any reason whatsoever or howsoever. Charges for stamp fees, registration charges, service tax, other incidental charges for registration of the transfer documents as may be determined and applicable shall be payable as extra.

The applicant has agreed that in the event of non acceptance of the application by the company, the amount will be refunded without any liability towards cost/damages/interest etc.

It shall be incumbent on the allottee(s) to comply with the terms of payment in respect to the unit and other extra charges as applicable. All payments to be made via cheque/DD/P.O. shall carry the unit number, allottee(s) name on the reverse side of the payment instrument. After the application is scrutinized and found in order, and upon the company deciding to allot the unit in favor of the applicant(s), the company will send an intimation thereof to pay the balance amount of the earnest money. Upon receipt of the entire earnest money the company shall issue the Allotment Later, thereby allotting the said unit to the applicant/s and calling upon them to sign and execute necessary Agreement for Sale of the said unit within 20(Twenty days Including Holidays) from the date of the issuance of the Allotment later. If the applicant(s) fails to sign and execute the said Agreement for Sale of the allotted unit within the stipulated time period then the company shall be fully entitled, at its sole discretion, to cancel the Allotment/booking and forfeit the application amount.

All overdue payments shall attract interest at the rate of 18% p.a. from the date they fall due till the date of receipt of payment. If any of the payments are dishonored for any reason whatsoever, the company shall be fully entitled, at its sole discretion, to cancel the Application/Allotment and forfeit the application money.

Once the unit has been allotted to the applicant(s)/allottee they shall not be allowed to cancel the transaction. However if a cancelation occurs at any stage after issuance of the Allotment Later in his/hers/their/its favor the applicant(s)/allottee agrees that the company shall be entitled to forfeit the application money in its entirety and refund the balance, if any, without any liability towards costs/damage/interest etc. And upon such cancelation the applicant(s)/allottee shall not have any right, title and or interest in the said allotted unit and or any claim, dispute against the company. Application amount is payable in the name of India Green Reality Ltd payable at par at Kolkata.

The Buyers are hereby informed that they will have restricted rights while/in Re-Selling the bunglows post booking. The Lock-in Period is of 24 Months. Under no circumstances they can sell their property through any external individual and or agency of any sort. The re-selling of the said property has to be compulsorily routed through INDIA GREEN REALITY Ltd., the Builder and Promoter of the said project named “Greenland” located at Makrampur, Sonarpur, Kolkata, and or their Authorized Representative ONLY.

The terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Also under all conditions the builders will try to keep the essence of the terms and conditions mentioned herein unaltered.

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